Tillandsia bulbosa

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Tillandsia bulbosa has long, thin, contorted leaves which, as the name suggests meet in a bulb like centre. This air plant  produces tubular flowers with a protruding stamen. Tillandsia bulbosa can be grown horizontally or even upside down to prevent rot.


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3 reviews for Tillandsia bulbosa

  1. Wesley (verified owner)

    One of my favourite Tillandsia absolutely perfect quality it came in too ?

  2. Ioana (verified owner)

    I wanted a similarly-shaped companion plant for my Caput Medusae, and the Bulbosa really stood out. It arrived in great condition. The shiny, green, contorted leaves give it a lot of character.

  3. William Wight

    Forms nice clumps, interesting shape.

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