Tillandsia albida

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A caulescent air plant that can form a sizeable clump in only a few years. Tillandsia albida has stiff, silvery grey leaves (some of the ‘whitest’ looking leaves of a Tillandsia) and prefers a bright, warm position. Produces attractive cream flowers, which is a rarity for Tillandsias, from a deep crimson flower spike.

An easy to grow, low maintenance air plant that tolerates a variety of conditions, Tillandsia albida makes a great beginners air plant and also looks at home in any collection. It’s native habitat is Northern Mexico where it is equally as happy as an epiphyte (on other plants) or saxicious (on rocks). As in the wild, Tillandsia albida can tolerate reasonably high levels of drought, heat and light.

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: upto 40cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: upto 30cm
  • Flower colour: Cream
  • Watering: Light
  • Light: Bright

1 review for Tillandsia albida

  1. Christina Klein-Bissett (verified owner)

    Very cute plant. Healthy and lovely.

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