Lithops (Living Stone Plants) – Pack of 3


Lithops (Living Stone Plants)

Unnamed Lithops – pack of 3 pots.

South African succulents that blend into the rocky ground of their habitat in South Africa and Namibia earning them the name ‘Living Stones’.

Owing to the harsh environments that they have evolved into, Lithops in cultivation need low humidity, bright sunlight, very free draining medium and careful watering.

Most growers have their own slightly different methods of growing Lithops and it’s important to consider your own growing conditions and discover what works best for you. Below is our growing method which is intended as a basic guideline, not an absolute:

Lithops have a period of dormancy in the Summer months, during this time, we only water if the plants are looking quite dehydrated and starting to shrivel and wrinkle heavily. Too much water during this time is likely to cause the plants to rot.

Their growth cycle commences in late August / early September in the UK, at this stage a good watering is needed. The gap between the leaves will gradually widen, from here the flowers are produced on old enough plants. The flowers are yellow or white, short lived and quite large given the size of the plants. Over winter as the gap between the leaves continues to expand, the next set of leaves will appear from within. Over winter we withhold water once again, keeping the soil very dry. The plant is able to draw moisture from the old leaves to produce the new ones. Once the old leaves have shrivelled away and become paper-like shells, they can be easily removed. At this stage, generally early spring it is safe to start watering the plants again. Starting with a little and gradually increasing, enabling the plants to fatten up before their summer drought again.

Supplied in 5.5cm pots.


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