Tillandsia ionantha x schiedeana

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Tillandsia ionantha x schiedeana

A nursery hybridised plant with the same parentage as Tillandsia rectifolia, this crossing resulting in a fuller looking plant that seems to exhibit more of the ionantha genes than T. rectifolia does.

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1 review for Tillandsia ionantha x schiedeana

  1. Will T (verified owner)

    My specimen of T. ionantha X schideana has very long straight and slender leaves of mid-green hue with a slight frosting on the outer surface. The overall shape of the plant is a beautiful and elegant 5-sided rosette with a neatly stacked “Art Deco” leaf formation and makes me think of the Spire of the New York Chrysler Building! This plant has a unique character and is a welcome addition to my growing collection. This has the same parentage of T. rectifolia but in my opinion is a far superior plant having such a distinct and unusual geometric architectural quality about it and such presence. As usual this plant was of the highest quality and perfectly packed from Alex and Graham’s wonderful nursery.

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