Tillandsia funckiana

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Tillandsia Funckiana is an attractive airplant variety that will gradually form a fantastic clump.  Hung upside down, Tillandsia Funckiana twists and bends back on itself heading towards the light, by regularly moving its position this airplant can form some interesting shapes.

  • Flower colour: Bright red
  • Watering: Frequent light
  • Light: Moderate

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3 reviews for Tillandsia funckiana

  1. luke (verified owner)

    Healthy looking plant with plenty of bonus pups

  2. William Wight (verified owner)

    attractive plant in good condition.

  3. Eve (verified owner)

    I was so happy to receive my perfect little T. Funckiana with flower buds peeping from two of its branches. The flowers are so large compared to the size of the foliage and their red colour is a delight. I’m so glad I’ve added this one to my growing collection of air plants.

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