Tillandsia edithae

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Tillandsia edithae – a rare caulescent air plant from Bolivia that produces coral red flowers. Grows best when given good air movement and bright light.

Large size will be supplied as shown, attached to cork bark with hook. Small size supplied as loose plants.


1 review for Tillandsia edithae

  1. Leo Minglu Li (verified owner)

    love this Tillandsia so much! it looks so much better than in the picture, with leaves spreading out like a pineapple head. I find this species more prone to burning by hard water, yet when I treated it some sparkling spring water, it recovered very well. [CaCO3 + H2CO3 -> Ca(HCO3)2]
    P.S. do not even try hard water on any of your Tillandsia (I was lazy, but I have learnt my lesson), because the accumulated metal ions will drag the water out of their leaves by osmosis, which causes leaf dehydration much quicker than usual.

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