Tillandsia crocata ‘Copper Penny’


Tillandsia Crocata ‘Copper Penny’ grows slightly larger than the standard form of Tillandsia Crocata. Native to Brazil, this small airplant is one of the easiest scented Tillandsia to care for.  Crocata ‘copper penny’ produces small, orange flowers over a long period that exude a powerful, sweet odour.  Prefers a bright and airy position and can be moved outdoors in the summer to benefit from extra airflow.

As well as ‘Copper Penny’, we also grow the slightly smaller standard yellow flowering form of Tillandsia Crocata and the very nice hybrid Tillandsia ‘Buttercup’ which is a cross between the yellow and orange flowering forms!

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: 20cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: 20cm
  • Flower colour: Orange (SCENTED)
  • Watering: Light
  • Light: Bright

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