The Elements Airplant Kit – FIRE


The Elements airplant cube kits make great table decorations and are a real talking point. Their compact size makes them great for coffee tables, side tables and windowsills in the home and a fantastic addition to desks in the office.  This Fire themed arrangement looks great in living rooms too! They can be assembled in under a minute and take very little effort to maintain.

Fire is one of the classical elements and is often associated with energy and assertiveness leading to qualities such as enthusiasm, courage and vigour.   Linked with the astrological sign of Leo the Elements Fire kit comes with Tiger’s Eye, a stone of Leo which can help unblock creative abilities vibrating with all of the lower chakra.

This easy to assemble airplant kit comes complete with:

  • 1 x 8cm glass cube
  • 1 x Tillandsia
  • 1 x small bag of mirrored red glass gravel
  • 1 x small bag of reindeer moss for decoration
  • 1 x Tiger’s Eye tumblestone

Simply empty the bag of gravel into the glass cube, arrange the reindeer moss towards the back and place the tumble stone towards the front of the glass cube.  Finally place the airplant in prime position.  Sit back and enjoy your new airplant terrarium! Just remember to give the plant a quick soak in water once or twice a month.

Please remember, if buying an airplant kit as a gift, it does contain a live plant.  As with all living things time spent in a box should be kept to a minimum.

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