Senecio herreianus


 Senecio herreianus

A trailing indoor succulent known by several other names including:

  •  ‘String of tears’
  • String of Beads’
  • ‘String of watermelons’
  • ‘String of raindrops’ 

It’s ‘strings’ can reach upto 3′ in length but can be regularly pruned to maintain desired height and to promote further branching resulting in a fuller plant. Very easy to care for as long as it is given plenty of light and kept in free draining compost. Due to it’s great succulent capacity, Senicio herreianus doesn’t require a great deal of watering and can withstand periods of neglect.

Closely related to the ‘String of Pearls’ plant Senecio rowleyanus, S. herreianus has more slightly thicker stems which hold more elongated tear shapes leaves.

Protect from frost.

Supplied in 9cm pot.

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