Cristate Echeveria – 3 pack


A randomly selected pack of 3 plants from our available selection of cristate Echeveria.

What does cristate mean? – The epithet ‘cristata’ is derived from ‘crista’ meaning crested. The formation or cristate or crested plants is a result of a distortion in the plants main growing point (apical meristem). Instead of growing a single ‘head’, the plant produces many heads along the distorted meristem giving the plant its sought after crested look. This type of plant growth is seen in many forms of plants but tends to be more prized by cactus and succulent growers for its curiosity. Sometimes called fasciation (with the epithet ‘fasciata’).

Can be grown as a houseplant or treated as a tender perennial and moved outside in the summer months. Likes free draining compost and a reasonably sunny position.

Supplied in 5.5cm pots.

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