Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis


A fragile scrambling / trailing Crassula with variegated leaves that blush pink and red in good light.  Not frost hardy.


  • Calico Kitten
  • Crassula marginata ‘Variegata’
  • Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis f. variegata
  • Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis f. rubra

Please note: as with many succulents, colours become more / less intense throughout the year. The leaves of Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis are likely to be green with cream-white edges in the winter months when lighting is less. The pink / red colour becomes stronger over the summer months when light levels are stronger.

This is a fragile Crassula – some damage in transit is possible, the plant will quickly outgrow a few damaged leaves.

Small plants supplied in a 5.5 cm pot.

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