Aristaloe aristata


Aristaloe aristata formerly called Aloe aristata and commonly known as the lace aloe.

A very tough Aloe, well suited to UK growing conditions. Whilst it is most commonly grown as a potted house plant, it is quite hardy as a garden plant in the UK provided it is in well draining soil. Some of our garden grown Aristaloe aristata have withstood -8°C and coatings of snow and frost without a problem, survival to -15°C isn’t unheard of for them!

When growing in the ground, the addition of plenty of grit and sharp sand to the soil will help drainage. Similarly in pots, a good cactus compost is the simplest option alternatively a mix of 2 parts multipurpose compost to 1 part horticultural grit.

Offsets freely producing dense clumps.

Small plants supplied in a 5.5 cm pot.

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