Tillandsia leiboldiana ‘Mora’

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Although Tillandsia Leiboldiana ‘Mora’ can be grown quite happily as an epiphyte, it is more common place to grow in a free draining compost and grow it as a pot plant.

When grown as an epiphyte, it is important to ensure that Tillandsia Leiboldiana ‘Mora’ has somewhere moist to root, such as moist sphagnum moss attached to cork bark.  This helps to ensure that any roots stay moist.

Supplied in a 5.5cm pot

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1 review for Tillandsia leiboldiana ‘Mora’

  1. Pauline Pedley (verified owner)

    Just received mine, it’s in flower and beautiful. Safely packaged as always. Craftyplants is the ONLY place I buy my Tillies from now. This is a bit of a new venture for me, I have hundreds of ‘proper air plants’ and now I’m trying a couple in soil!

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