Tillandsia tectorum

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Although a beautiful airplant, Tillandsia Tectorum can sometimes be a challenge for novice growers who tend to kill them with kindness. This airplant really does like to be kept dry with plenty of time to dry out before waterings. A light spray every couple of weeks is normally plenty. Tetctorum is a very slow grower that has adapted to live in very dry conditions with very little nutrients therefore we recommend not feeding this variety. Providing that it’s given plenty of bright light and not overwatered, Tillandsia tectorum is a very easy plant to grow. Native to Ecuador and Peru, Tillandsia tectorum clings to cliff faces and outcrops of rock in large colonies. Popular quite simply because of it’s furry appearance, the trichomes on Tillandsia tectorum are far larger than any other species and give the plant an almost frosted appearance. If subjected to prolonged periods in a mesic environment moisture, the trichome tomentum can lay flat against the epidermis and the plant loses it’s ‘fuzzy’ appeal. Best sited in bright light slightly out of reach in a collection where it may suffer a modicum of neglect.

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: 25cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: 25cm
  • Flower colour: Pink/lilac
  • Watering: Very light
  • Light: Bright

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5 reviews for Tillandsia tectorum

  1. Ioana (verified owner)

    A fantastic little plant – looks like it’s been caught in a snow storm! As always, the plant arrived promptly, packaged beautifully, and in perfect health. This is not the flashiest of Tillies, but is absolutely fascinating from up close.

  2. Desert Plants of Avalon (verified owner)

    Beautiful little plant and PERFECT in every way 😀

  3. Craig (verified owner)

    Beautiful snowy white tillandsia looks very good in a glass terrarium.
    Thankyou Crafty plants

  4. A Hodge

    A beautiful snowy looking plant for a Christmas decoration. The easiest of all airplants, put it on a south facing window cill and spray once a fortnight. Simples!
    A great plant from Crafty Plants as usual.

  5. FrankCas

    The Tillandsia Tectorum truly is a striking air plant. With its snowy white leaves I like to refer to it as “The Snowball”. It is a rarer air plant to find, and is one of the best air plants for those who tend to forget to water their plants .

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