Tillandsia myosura

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Tillandsia Myosura is an interesting Bolivian airplant.  Its thick silvery leaves are the basis for its name Myosura (Latin for “mouse tail“).  Particularly easy to grow, Tillandsia Myosura will form an attractive clump in a relatively short time when given plenty of light.  A great addition to any collection.

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: 20cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: 20cm
  • Flower colour: Pale yellow
  • Watering: Moderate
  • Light: Bright

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1 review for Tillandsia myosura

  1. Pauline Pedley (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy and strange Tillandsia (the weirder the better for me!). Already starting to flower. Craftyplants is the only place I will now buy plants from to add to my ever increasing collection.

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