Tillandsia caput-medusae

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Tillandsia Caput Medusae is one of the hardiest airplant varieties. Its pale fuzzy leaves make it the perfect table decoration.

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: 20cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: 20cm
  • Flower colour: Violet
  • Watering: Frequent
  • Light: Very bright

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3 reviews for Tillandsia caput-medusae

  1. Yan (verified owner)

    Lovely plant with a striking shape. I think this is my favorite our of the few I purchased!

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    This plant is beautiful it hangs in my window on a wire and was the fourth member to my collection it is now rewarding me as it has a flower spike popping up.

  3. William Wight

    Nice simple grower good shape.

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