Tillandsia aeranthos ‘Purple’

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This miniature form of Tillandsia aeranthos forms dense clumps of small air plants.  As the name suggests, this airplant has a bronze tint to the leaves.  Its small size makes Tillandsia aeranthos ‘Purple’ a perfect choice for terrarium growing. Tillandsia aeranthos ‘Purple’ has dark purple leaves and rich purple flowers.

Approx 2″ plants supplied.

  • Eventual (Mature) Height: 10cm
  • Eventual (Mature) Width: 10cm
  • Flower colour: Purple
  • Watering: Moderate
  • Light: Moderate

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2 reviews for Tillandsia aeranthos ‘Purple’

  1. Pauline Pedley (verified owner)

    This little chap is a great addition to my collection, I love the miniature Tillandsias. It arrived very quickly and very well packaged for its safety. Great price too. Thank you! ?

  2. Will T (verified owner)

    A very miniature version of the usual form with a subtle lavender hue that I understand intensifies with stronger light levels. The leaves are much narrower than its larger counterpart and some leaves have a nice twist of curve to them which gives them a less symmetrical rosette. The leaves are tough and can tolerate being dropped (by accident) with no damage! This is perfect for those with limited space. I look forward to seeing this little fellow bloom. Very well packed and labelled as always.

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