Air Plant Food – 100ml Ready to use fertiliser mist spray

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A balanced air plant food in a convenient 100ml ready to use bottle. Made in the UK.

Contains mineral nutrients, organic nutrients, seaweed extract and natural plant oils.  With humic and fulvic acids for enhanced nutrient uptake.  The ideal feed for air plants (Tillandsia) and a great foliar feed for many other houseplants.

Use between fortnightly and monthly as a supplement to normal watering.  Not intended to substitute normal watering.  Also suitable for feeding other xerophytes, epiphytes and bromeliads.  Use in conjunction with normal watering.

CraftyPlants Air Plant Food – 100ml Ready to use Tillandsia fertiliser mist spray

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3 reviews for Air Plant Food – 100ml Ready to use fertiliser mist spray

  1. Carl Mason

    A great product, works well, if used regularly. I’ll keep using it.

  2. S Jen

    Works very well! Would be great if you did bigger bottles!

  3. Christine Woodward

    Excellent and easy to,to use.

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