Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) Cluster 40mm – 60mm


1 x Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) Cluster average size 40mm – 60mm

From the Greek word ‘pyros’ meaning fire, Pyrite gained its name from the sparks that fly from it when it’s hit with another mineral or metal.  It’s common name ‘Fools Gold’ derives from its history of being mistaken for gold.

Prized by the native American Indians, Pyrite was believed to be a healing stone.

Beleived to support physical and emotional healing.  Said to stimulate the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipula, Third Chakra, the chakra of energy, willpower and acheivement).

Used in Feng Shui to attract wealth and abundance and shield from negative energy whilst providing optimis and physical stamina.

Besides its mystical and healing properties, these pyrite clusters look great in airplant displays, particularly in fishbowl type arrangements.

As these are a natural product, each one varies in size, shape and form, the pictures shown are a sample of our stock.

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