Platycerium Bifurcatum (Stag Horn Fern)



The ‘Common’ Stag Horn or Elk Horn Fern, Platycerium Bifurcatum are an epiphytic fern that thrive on atmospheric moisture and regular misting.

Platycerium produce two distinctly different types of frond; the large fertile fronds that grow shaped like antlers (hence the name) and the sterile (or shield) fronds at the base of the plant. Over time these sterile fronds become brown and die back but are quickly covered by the new sterile leaf, the browned leaves should be left in place as they offer protection for the new, more decorative, fertile leaves.

In their natural habitats of Australia, New Guinea and Java, Platycerium grow as epiphytes suspended in trees and surviving on a combination of atmospheric moisture and rainfall. In the home or conservatory they are best grown in pots or hanging baskets in a free draining potting mix which helps create humidity around the plant.

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