Opuntia fragilis – Fraser Valley


Opuntia fragilis (Brittle Prickly Pear)

From Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Cold hardy cactus capable of withstanding temperatures lower than -20°C!

The brittle prickly pear is as the name suggests very brittle. It can drop pads from the slightest knock. This can sometimes be an issue when shipping plants so please understand that some pads may become detached in transit. Each loose pad can be easily rooted into gritty compost creating more plants meanwhile the existing plant will continue to produce new growth.

Its defences combine glochoids (small detachable hair like spines) and very sharp spines.

Grows best in a mostly mineral medium (i.e. lots of grit, sand gravel etc.) to assist in rapid drainage. And benefits from some rain protection if grown outdoors year round.

Please understand – Opuntia have very sharp spines and glochoids, they are not a suitable cactus for children or for people who feel compelled to handle their plants more than is absolutely necessary.

Supplied in 5.5cm pots.


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