Cylindropuntia imbricata – Fremont County, Colorado


Cylindropuntia imbricata

From Fremont County, Colorado

Cold hardy cactus. 

Grows in cylindrical sections around 1″ diameter. Its defences combine glochoids (small detachable hair like spines) and vicious sharp spines, which are barbed for good measure. From experience, the spines hurt more coming out of flesh than they do going in!

Not a cactus for the faint hearted but certainly a robust species that stands up well to the cold British winters provided they don’t get too wet too often. Apparently hardy to as low as -20°C, particularly if covered. We have kept this species outdoors in Lancashire winters to as low as -8°C South facing without direct rain protection but against a wall.

Grows best in a mostly mineral medium (i.e. lots of grit, sand gravel etc.) to assist in rapid drainage.

Common names: Walking stick cholla, Devil’s rope cactus, Tree cactus, Cane cactus, Candelabrum cactus, Chain-link cactus, Cane cholla, Tree Cholla

Please understand – Cylindropuntia have hateful spines, they are not a suitable cactus for children or for people who feel compelled to handle their plants more than is absolutely necessary.

Supplied in 9cm pots.


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